What is Early Intervention?

Have you ever wondered if your child may be delayed? Have you ever worried about your child’s language skills or how they interact with others or their physical abilities? What if I told you that you could get a free evaluation for your child up to 3 years old to find out what very knowledgeable therapists think and if they find a delay, they could help you with services that you couldn’t get from any other doctor’s office at a much better price than you would get anywhere else?

That is exactly what Early Intervention in Illinois provides! Call them at 1-800-447-6404. I am always so sad to hear about families who have never heard of Early Intervention or waited too late to take advantage of it because they weren’t sure if they should or if their child really had any delays. If your child qualifies for services, you pay on a sliding scale based on your income level, and the therapists come to your home! It is truly a service you cannot buy- where would you find a provider or multiple providers who would come to your home at an affordable rate!?

Early Intervention can help evaluate and provide speech therapy services, occupational therapy services, developmental therapy services and physical therapy services. While I didn’t understand all the terms in the beginning, I am grateful for the expertise, advice, tips, comfortable setting in my home, and many opportunities to learn… and most of all for helping my son at an early age, when it is most beneficial to his success in life! I can’t say enough about how much Early Intervention helped our family. I cried when we graduated the program and had to say goodbye to our trusted therapists! They helped us to navigate the school system and transition to a school setting and get an IEP. I will be forever grateful.

I want everyone to know about this service when their children are young! It hurts nothing to get an evaluation if you have any concerns at all and it is life-changing if any help is needed! I had no idea about this service before I had my first child and through luck and family and friends, we found our way to Early Intervention. Every doctor should be giving this information to their clients, but as parents and friends and supporters of the community, it is also our job to spread the word and make sure others know about this awesome resource!

Don’t forget about Early Intervention in Illinois if you have any concerns about your child’s development. Call them at 1-800-447-6404.